The 2020 Wedding Industry Awards

So my entry is in, and hopefully my 2019 Brides have been voting.

Last year I came highly commended for the North West Makeup category missing out on the top spot, and in 2018 and 2017 was a regional finalist.

Can I win this year? Well I’ve sent over some photos, filled in some forms. I’m rubbish at writing about myself, so all I can do now is sit back and cross everything!

Kim K Vibes….

So how stunning does my client look here?

She was bridesmaid at two weddings I was lucky enough to be the makeup artist at this Summer.

For this look she asked for Kim Kardashian vibes…

When people say Kim K, what do they mean?

I interpret it to be a soft smokey eye in gorgeous warm browns, lots of contour but done so fantastically it just looks like an amazing bone structure (which she has anyway) and I think the main thing Kim K’s makeup artist always achieves is incredible skin. I think good skin is so important, and to a certain extent a good makeup artist can fake it for you with the right products.

Get your glam

Vintage Makeup Artist

In previous posts I have said your wedding day is NOT the day to make a bold statement and that a natural classic look is best.

Ok so here’s where I go back on that!

If you always wear a red lip and/or a smokey eye or have another signature makeup statement, you would probably feel totally naked on your wedding day without it – so, don’t!

If you love makeup and are used to wearing it, there is not certain way you need to look or your wedding day,

“You need to feel the best version of yourself.”

So if you are like my bride in this pic who loves to get her full glam on, then go for it.

My only advice would be is to make sure you look flawless. Heavy makeup is fine, but it should not looked caked on, it needs to be elegant, glamorous and sleek.

What is highlighter?

What is highlighter

So, what is highlighter? Lots of you may know the answer, but I get lots of brides who are not massive wearers and want to know what each product does and how to use it. One of these products I get quizzed on is highlighter.

Where to put it?

The best places to apply highlighter is on the upper cheekbone, underneath the eyes, the cupids bow on your upper lip and on the inside corner of the eye.

What does it do?

The name highlighter is the clue, it highlights that part of your face.

Best highlighters?

This is down to personal opinion. I love ‘Soft and Gentle’ by Mac Cosmetics, which is what I have used in this image.

What’s in my bridal makeup kit?

Bridal Makeup

My bridal makeup kit is a massive mix of high end brands. I don’t buy from one brand exclusively but I do have my fav brands for certain things:


I blooming love Nars Sheer Glow for bridal work, it suits so many skin types


I love Nars creamy concealer – although in my personal kit I have just trialled the new maybelline one and it’s awesome so save your pennies and get that one.


I have so many eye palettes, it’s almost a bit of an addiction. I love Urban Decay palettes, I have quite a few Charlotte Tilbury, the pillow talk eye set has been especially popular this year. I love the Huda nude, and the new Illamasqua nude palette. I’m basically sold if I like the colours and they stay on your face. I never use cheap palettes as I just don’t think the pigment is as good or has the staying power you need for a wedding day.

Eye Liner

So this is where I can save you some pennies. I’ve tried every eye liner on the market (well almost) and NOTHING compares to the Maybelline 24hr Gel Liner – it’s awesome and is definitely tear and sweat proof, so you don’t need to worry about any wobbles as you walk down the isle, or getting hot and bothered on the dance floor.

If you want a chat about your bridal makeup drop me an email to

Biggest Bridal Makeup Mistakes

  • Trying Something New – Your wedding day is not the day to experiment with a whole new look. You need to still feel like you just a more polished version, otherwise you will feel uncomfortable, and trust me you will regret it.
  • Getting Caught Up in Beauty Trends Thanks to Kim Kardashian, contouring (using bronzer and highlighter to bring out your cheekbones) is a huge trend right now. But this kind of heavy manipulation can look too harsh during the daytime and is going to date.
  • Skipping a Trial
    It’s an extra cost but a worthy one if you are particular about your makeup. If you aren’t happy with your trial, you then have a chance to seek another MUA.
  • Wearing a Foundation With SPF Many formulas now include sun protection, which is wonderful for your everyday look. But on your wedding day, stick to a traditional foundation as some ingredients in the SPF formulas can cause the face to look white in flash photography
  • Poor skin prep Some people expect me to work magic on their big day, I will do by best but I can’t say strongly enough how you really need to look after your skin in the run up. A proper skincare routine will make all the difference to your makeup.

Is a Natural Bridal Makeup look for you?

Natural Bridal Makeup

My 2019 brides have definitely been influenced by Megan Markle’s bridal makeup, more and more are letting their natural beauty shine through, with a lightweight foundation, and choosing a natural bridal makeup look.

As a makeup artist this is such a relief. Thanks to Kim Kardashian, contouring (using bronzer and highlighter to bring out your cheekbones) is a huge trend right now. But this sort of look doesn’t always work during the daytime in natural light. In natural light it’s best to go for a more natural and fresh look.

Another reason to keep it simple and fresh is your wedding photos. Your pics will be on display for years to come and you will want them to look timeless.

So consider this when deciding on your bridal makeup look.

Vintage Bridal Makeup Artist Fabulousness!

vintage bridal makeup artist

Creating this 1950’s vintage bridal makeup artist look was so much fun

I hadn’t met this fabulous lady until her wedding day, that meant we hadn’t had a trial so she trusted me. She had emailed to say she liked the retro/vintage look, but I wasn’t prepared for how far she had taken that style.

I’m a fully trained vintage bridal makeup artist by Illamasqua makeup school in London so getting the opportunity to use this training was brill.

A strong red lip is such a statement, when it works, it works! When it doesn’t, it’s not a good look. This bride however pulls it off 100%!

If you fancy chatting to me regarding your makeup ideas for your wedding, please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you

vintage bridal makeup artist

Natural Wedding Makeup

For 2019 the most requested look I am getting is ‘NATURAL WEDDING MAKEUP.’

However this means different things to everyone.

For some of brides this means wearing makeup but using neutral tones, for others this means the bare minimum makeup.

I would describe NATURAL WEDDING MAKEUP as a sort of ‘second skin’ makeup. Your wedding makeup should give the illusion of gorgeous skin, (even if it’s not quite there) and enhance my bride’s features without being loud with the colours.

As your wedding makeup artist I’ll always listen to you, to how you like to wear your makeup, to create a look that suits your dress, personality and is comfortable and long lasting.

Natural Wedding Makeup by Makeup by Polly, Bowness on Windermere, Cumbria

Experience and Training matter when it comes to wedding makeup !

Wedding Makeup differs to the makeup you would wear for a night out. You obviously want to look flawless, and be in a style that suits ‘you’, but bridal Makeup needs to work in the following environments:

  • Suit outdoor natural lighting and hopefully bright sunshine
  • Indoor artificial lighting
  • Suit flash photography

Taking all these factors into consideration is really important to ensure you look amazing on your wedding photos but also in the flesh.

A trained and experienced makeup artist will know this and have the skills and correct products to work to all these factors and create the perfect look.

According to the July issue of Vogue Magazine

Wedding make-up can be a tricky business: you want to glow, but not shine; you want to feel your best, but also look like yourself; and you want your look to last, rather than melt halfway through the big day.

Make sure you look research your chose makeup artist, look at their instagram at real photos to check their work is what you are looking for and their style suits the look you want.

If you want to look at my insta my handle is @makeupbypollyw