Abbey House Barrow

Roxanne, her sisters and bridesmaids were such a lovely and lively bunch, considering we had a very early start for her wedding at Abbey House Barrow. Roxanne has kindly just sent me these pics from her wedding in June, earlier this year.
All the bridal party opted for airbase, the airbrush makeup system – where the foundation is applied with a small airgun. It goes on as a fine mist, all my brides say it feels like air is being blown on their face and they can’t believe it when they see makeup there. My favourite things about using airbrush for weddings are:


You apply it in layers, so you can go as light and natural or as heavy and full coverage as you want.


It’s silicone based, which means it goes on and stays on! Perfect for weddings as it can be a long day and you want your makeup to last. Also great on hot days, as with some foundations the heat can make makeup slide off.

At the end of the day makeup is all about your preference, there is no right or wrongs. (Ok so there are a few wrongs) My point is, I will work with you to make you happy, if that means super natural makeup or a heavy smokey eye, I will suggest and offer input if you like.

Ultimately I will listen and ensure you look and most importantly feel the best and most confident person you can. For some that means extra lashes and lots of blusher, and for others it’s a slick of tinted moisturiser and lip gloss. What ever type of bride you are we will work together to make you look absolutely fabulous!


To talk makeup with me please get in touch, email, call or text me!

Makeup Artist at Abbey House Barrow, June 2016


MUA on set with 11 Degrees Photoshoot

11 Degrees PhotoshootSo the majority of my clients are ladies, but every now and then I have to work with a model like this!

This is the very gorgeous Joss Mooney who you may have seen on MTV’s ‘Ex on the beach’?

Yes I know, my job is so hard! Can you imagine I was actually paid to touch him all day? (However, his girlfriend was next to me at the time)

This is a sneak peak from the shoot for the 11 Degrees clothing brand.




My Sister’s wedding at Miller Howe

img_3236So obviously I was completely honoured when my Sister asked me to be her Maid of Honour and Makeup Artist on her wedding day, but when the day came round on October 1st – I couldn’t have been more nervous! I’m extremely experienced at what I do, but when it’s a family wedding the heat was certainly turned up.

Anyway here are some pics from the big day at Miller Howe – I think I did an alright job!

Love My Dress Make Up Artist

make up artistAre you familiar with Love My Dress? It’s a gorgeous website, which is great for ‘brides to’ be like yourself.

I am lucky enough to be featured in one of their latest stories, as I was the make up artist as this wedding at New House Farm in Lorton:

If you would to know if I am free to work with you as your make up artist on your wedding day please get in touch. My email is Thanks x

Wedding Makeup Artist at Askham Hall

Wedding Makeup Artist at Askham Hall I simply love it when brides send me their wedding photos, because I have often left before she slips into her dress.

I received this picture yesterday, from a beautiful bride of mine from a few weeks ago who got married and held her reception at the impressive Askam Hall in Penrith.

It was my first experience of being a Wedding Makeup artist at Askham Hall. It really is a lovely building, with an amazing feel of history, and as corny as this may sound, it feels like the hall enjoys that it is now used for weddings. I’m all about ‘the feel’ and ‘sixth senses’!

Lisa, wanted a good coverage foundation, and I used Illamasqua skin base with Mac powder to set in her skin tone followed by Illamasqua setting translucent setting powder. Wedding makeup needs staying power, so I used Mac fixing spare, which is like hair spray for your face followed by more setting powder. Her eye makeup was very natural, using Mac brown eye shadows and a Illamasqua brown pencil. This lip colour suits her perfectly and is Mac Syrup,  which is one of my favourite bridal lip colours, so much so I am doing my sisters wedding makeup in a month and I think I will be using that colour on her!

If you are looking for a Wedding Makeup Artist at Askham Hall in Cumbria or around the Lancashire area please let me know so we can have a chat, I am professionally trained, experienced and also offer airbrush makeup.
My number is 07980894825.

Wedding Makeup Artist North West – Broadoaks

Nichole was such a fun bride at her wedding which took place at Broadoaks Country House in Troutbeck. They have recently installed a gorgeous lodge on the grounds which was the location of where the bride and her party were getting ready. The lodge is amazing with 2 hot-tubs, one inside and and one outside. The lounge area has been designed with a wedding morning in mind, as there is an enormous mirror on the back wall where there was plenty of room for me the makeup artist and the hairdresser to work our magic.

At Nichole’s trial she was a glasses wearer, and as I recently got mine lasered I was raving about it which inspired her to get lasered, so on the wedding morning I was greeted with a perfectly sighted bride all because I had given her the boost to get it done!

Nichole opted to try the Airbrush Wedding Makeup at her trial and loved the results. Good coverage, with a flawless finish and she was impressed with how long it had lasted. I think that’s the best thing, it lasts 12-24hours compared to traditional foundations.

If you would like to discuss Wedding Makeup Artist North West with me please send me an email to

Wedding Makeup Artist North West

Airbrush Makeup Artist in the Lake District

Milnthorpe Wedding Makeup Wedding Makeup Artist in Milnthorpe


Excuse the lack of professional photos as these were just taken on my phone. These lovely ladies were bridesmaids at a wedding I was makeup artist at, in Milthorpe yesterday. I always want to do before and after pics, but normally forget with all the wedding day excitement, however yesterday was a rare occasion when I remembered!

Both girls are stunning either with or without makeup, but you can see from these pictures that you don’t have to do anything too drastic and the difference it makes.

They both chose to have Airbrush Wedding Makeup, which is when the foundation is applied using an airgun. You can go as natural or as heavy as you like by applying more layers. I like to use it as it offers a flawless base, and will last all day long as it is silicone based.

If you are looking for an Airbrush Makeup Artist in the Lake District please get in touch, my number is 0798 089 4825.

Airbrush Makeup Artist in the Lake District 


Nicky’s Windermere Wedding Makeup

Nicky’s big day was originally planned to take place in Grasmere at a lovely venue there, however due to the horrific floods in December her venue was affected badly and the refurbishments would not be complete by her wedding date. Now most brides, including myself would probably flip out and stress at this wouldn’t they? Well not this laid back and relaxed bride! She quickly find another venue, Windermere Motorboat Club and everything fell into place.

For Nicky’s Windermere Wedding Makeup, she wanted to be a natural bride, and her wedding party wanted a similar look. However they did all wanted black eye liner and false lashes, but to look at natural as possible. To achieve this look I used individual clusters of lashes as I think these really make a difference but keep the look natural. Even though wearing makeup can be scary for some people, it’s still a good idea to go a little heavier that you think as on the photos it really doesn’t show up as much as you think.

I really love this fresh and natural look, it really suited Nicky’s style and personality. That’s the most important thing I have to work with when doing wedding makeup is making sure,


Whenever I do a trial, when I’ve finished the makeup and it’s time for the reveal, 100% of my brides look into the mirror so closed that they practically kiss it! But you have to remember on your wedding day no-one is that close so you must take a step back to see what everyone else actually sees!

To chat about your ‘Windermere Wedding Makeup’ please get in touch, drop me an email on

Thanks for reading! x

Windermere Wedding Makeup

Makeup Artist at the The Old England Hotel in Bowness

Serena, is just one stunning bride and I loved being her Makeup Artist at the The Old England Hotel in Bowness.

She was blessed with a gorgeous warm day in June.

Serena wore mainly Charlotte Tilbury and Mac Cosmetics.

I primed her skin with Serena’s own primer and foundation, which I am always happy to do. Sometimes people are embarrassed to ask, but I am more than happy to use your own products, especially if you love them and know they work for your skin type and tone.

I then used a Mac paint pot to prime the eye area, this makes the eye shadow stay on all day (and night), followed by dark brown shadows, a Stila waterproof liquid liner and of course waterproof mascara.

Serena chose (well I recommended and she agreed!) one of my favourite bridal lipstick shades ever, it’s called BRAVE by Mac, my other it SYRUP by Mac. BRAVE is matt so stays on super long, and the shade suits almost everyone and just seems to suit a bridal look. The makeup was set with Mac Setting Powder and then Mac Setting Spray.

I think the two key things people expect from my work is a flawless look in pictures and makeup that will last on the day.

These lovely photos are from

If you would like to talk about your makeup look for your wedding day, please drop me an email,

Polly Winder

Makeup Artist at The Old England Hotel in Bowness