Experience and Training matter when it comes to wedding makeup !

Wedding Makeup differs to the makeup you would wear for a night out. You obviously want to look flawless, and be in a style that suits ‘you’, but bridal Makeup needs to work in the following environments:

  • Suit outdoor natural lighting and hopefully bright sunshine
  • Indoor artificial lighting
  • Suit flash photography

Taking all these factors into consideration is really important to ensure you look amazing on your wedding photos but also in the flesh.

A trained and experienced makeup artist will know this and have the skills and correct products to work to all these factors and create the perfect look.

According to the July issue of Vogue Magazine

Wedding make-up can be a tricky business: you want to glow, but not shine; you want to feel your best, but also look like yourself; and you want your look to last, rather than melt halfway through the big day.

Make sure you look research your chose makeup artist, look at their instagram at real photos to check their work is what you are looking for and their style suits the look you want.

If you want to look at my insta my handle is @makeupbypollyw