SOS Makeup Artist at The Laura Ashley Belsfield Hotel

Makeup Artist at The Laura Ashley Belsfield Hotel

A couple of weeks ago I had a bit of an SOS call.

I’d just done a wedding at the lovely Wild Boar Hotel in Crook, had got home and was about to put my feet up for 15 minutes before getting myself ready to go to a ball, which is a bit of a rare treat for me to be going to a glam event, I was very excited for my Cinderella moment at the ball and to dance with my Prince, well I was happy to settle for my husband.

All was going to plan until literally I sat down after such a busy morning of work. It was a very distressed bride desperate for a makeup artist at The Laura Ashely Belsfield Hotel.

This poor lady was due to get married in 60 minutes. Her makeup artist was having trouble getting to her due to terrible weather and flooding and she asked if I could help, I hesitated for about 5 seconds before I thought to myself,

“This lady is upset on the most special day of her life, get yourself there now!”

So off I sped in my car and within 10 minutes I was in her hotel room with my magic brushes doing what I love.

And here’s the gorgeous result of my work and her stunning face.

Makeup Artist at The Laura Ashley Belsfield Hotel


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