Abbey House Barrow

Roxanne, her sisters and bridesmaids were such a lovely and lively bunch, considering we had a very early start for her wedding at Abbey House Barrow. Roxanne has kindly just sent me these pics from her wedding in June, earlier this year.
All the bridal party opted for airbase, the airbrush makeup system – where the foundation is applied with a small airgun. It goes on as a fine mist, all my brides say it feels like air is being blown on their face and they can’t believe it when they see makeup there. My favourite things about using airbrush for weddings are:


You apply it in layers, so you can go as light and natural or as heavy and full coverage as you want.


It’s silicone based, which means it goes on and stays on! Perfect for weddings as it can be a long day and you want your makeup to last. Also great on hot days, as with some foundations the heat can make makeup slide off.

At the end of the day makeup is all about your preference, there is no right or wrongs. (Ok so there are a few wrongs) My point is, I will work with you to make you happy, if that means super natural makeup or a heavy smokey eye, I will suggest and offer input if you like.

Ultimately I will listen and ensure you look and most importantly feel the best and most confident person you can. For some that means extra lashes and lots of blusher, and for others it’s a slick of tinted moisturiser and lip gloss. What ever type of bride you are we will work together to make you look absolutely fabulous!


To talk makeup with me please get in touch, email, call or text me!

Makeup Artist at Abbey House Barrow, June 2016


Airbrush Makeup Artist in the Lake District

Milnthorpe Wedding Makeup Wedding Makeup Artist in Milnthorpe


Excuse the lack of professional photos as these were just taken on my phone. These lovely ladies were bridesmaids at a wedding I was makeup artist at, in Milthorpe yesterday. I always want to do before and after pics, but normally forget with all the wedding day excitement, however yesterday was a rare occasion when I remembered!

Both girls are stunning either with or without makeup, but you can see from these pictures that you don’t have to do anything too drastic and the difference it makes.

They both chose to have Airbrush Wedding Makeup, which is when the foundation is applied using an airgun. You can go as natural or as heavy as you like by applying more layers. I like to use it as it offers a flawless base, and will last all day long as it is silicone based.

If you are looking for an Airbrush Makeup Artist in the Lake District please get in touch, my number is 0798 089 4825.

Airbrush Makeup Artist in the Lake District 


Nicky’s Windermere Wedding Makeup

Nicky’s big day was originally planned to take place in Grasmere at a lovely venue there, however due to the horrific floods in December her venue was affected badly and the refurbishments would not be complete by her wedding date. Now most brides, including myself would probably flip out and stress at this wouldn’t they? Well not this laid back and relaxed bride! She quickly find another venue, Windermere Motorboat Club and everything fell into place.

For Nicky’s Windermere Wedding Makeup, she wanted to be a natural bride, and her wedding party wanted a similar look. However they did all wanted black eye liner and false lashes, but to look at natural as possible. To achieve this look I used individual clusters of lashes as I think these really make a difference but keep the look natural. Even though wearing makeup can be scary for some people, it’s still a good idea to go a little heavier that you think as on the photos it really doesn’t show up as much as you think.

I really love this fresh and natural look, it really suited Nicky’s style and personality. That’s the most important thing I have to work with when doing wedding makeup is making sure,


Whenever I do a trial, when I’ve finished the makeup and it’s time for the reveal, 100% of my brides look into the mirror so closed that they practically kiss it! But you have to remember on your wedding day no-one is that close so you must take a step back to see what everyone else actually sees!

To chat about your ‘Windermere Wedding Makeup’ please get in touch, drop me an email on

Thanks for reading! x

Windermere Wedding Makeup

Wedding Makeup Artist at Broadoaks, Troubeck

Gemma was the most calm bride I think I have encountered. Totally relaxed, yet monther of 9 month old twins! The day was going very smoothly, until the hair stylist got a tyre blow out in Coniston with no phone service. She arrived with just minutes to do the hair (you would never have know as it looked lovely).

These lovely pics were taken by Steve at Derwent Photography.

Being the wedding makeup artist at Gemma’s wedding was really a pleasure, I wish her and her husband and adorable baby girls all the best for the future x

To chat about your wedding makeup, my email address is or click here for my contact page. I look forward to hearing from you and hope you chose me to be your wedding makeup artist!

For more pics of me being a wedding makeup artist and some gorgeous brides check out my Gallery

Mobile Make-up Artist

Mobile Makeup ArtistAs a professional mobile make-up artist my work is hugely varied.

Living in the Lake District which is the Number 1 destination in the UK to get married, I work on a lot of weddings, which I simply love! It’s such a special time for brides, so the atmosphere is extremely exciting and I find it such an honour being a wedding makeup artist.

However, I can also be booked for any special event including proms, which again offers excitement and fun.

In a few weeks I am working on an Easter Themed photoshoot for Aspire.

I take my work extremely seriously, after all you are entrusting me with your final look of potentially the most important day of your life to date!

Fully Trained

Obviously makeup is a huge passion of mine, but it’s something I have trained in and am fully qualified. I trained at The School of Makeup under tutors who travel the world as top level makeup artists.


I have an extensive high quality makeup brush collection, after all these are the tools of my trade. In addition I have a full professional set for the application of airbrush makeup which I am fully trained to use and apply.

The Makeup!

My makeup kit is huge! I am always buying the latest products and testing things. I only buy high end, top quality professional products.

Mobile Make-up Artist

I travel the North West (and beyond on request) including The Lake District, Cumbria, Lancashire, Cheshire.


I am fully insured!

If you would like to get in touch, please call me on 0798 089 4825 or email – I look forward to hearing from you and all about your special event!



Making the most of your wedding make-up trial

Wedding Make-UpSo are you laid back and relaxed about it all, or have you been planning this day since you could walk?

Either way I’m guessing you want to have the most amazing day? So you’ve picked the venue, the dress and the colour scheme, now it’s time to decide how you would like your wedding make-up to look…

Here are some tips to help you with getting the most out of your wedding make-up trial:

Have Fun

Your trial should be fun, with the aim to achieve a look that makes you feel and look great, and the process should be fun and enjoyable.

Bring Some Pics

Each bride is different; some want the natural look, some like a heavier look, and others don’t really know what they want and like to have a bit of guidance.

As your wedding make-up artist I will work with you. It’s really helpful if you take a look through some magazines, wedding or just your monthly ladies glossies and get some inspiration. These ideas are a good starting point, at the end of the day we don’t want you to look like someone else, you will want to be you, well the best version of you! But an idea of if you want really neutral or a perhaps a smoky eye will help.

I also like to have an idea of your normal everyday make-up. Once I had a make-up artist do my make-up and I hated it, purely because the eyes weren’t ‘heavy enough.’ If only I’d communicated this when she started!

The Dress

It’s also great if you have an image of your wedding dress so we can work on a wedding make-up look which will compliment your dress.

Second Opinions

I’m sure you didn’t pick your dress all by yourself, maybe your mum or your bridesmaid helped to pick the perfect dress? Do the same with your wedding make-up trial, bring someone along who’ll give you an honest opinion.

Be Honest

If you’re not happy, please just say. I wouldn’t be offended, my main aim is making you happy – so please let me know.

That Night

You’ve had your wedding make-up done, so go out and show everyone how great you look!

You trial is exactly that, a trial. We might have a quick chat and get the perfect results instantly, or it may take some time for me to understand your exact ideas and we try a few different looks. Rest assured, at the end of the trial I will create a look that will make you feel fantastic.

To discuss your wedding make-up or to book a wedding make-up trial, please give me a call on 0798 089 4825 or email