Making the most of your wedding make-up trial

Wedding Make-UpSo are you laid back and relaxed about it all, or have you been planning this day since you could walk?

Either way I’m guessing you want to have the most amazing day? So you’ve picked the venue, the dress and the colour scheme, now it’s time to decide how you would like your wedding make-up to look…

Here are some tips to help you with getting the most out of your wedding make-up trial:

Have Fun

Your trial should be fun, with the aim to achieve a look that makes you feel and look great, and the process should be fun and enjoyable.

Bring Some Pics

Each bride is different; some want the natural look, some like a heavier look, and others don’t really know what they want and like to have a bit of guidance.

As your wedding make-up artist I will work with you. It’s really helpful if you take a look through some magazines, wedding or just your monthly ladies glossies and get some inspiration. These ideas are a good starting point, at the end of the day we don’t want you to look like someone else, you will want to be you, well the best version of you! But an idea of if you want really neutral or a perhaps a smoky eye will help.

I also like to have an idea of your normal everyday make-up. Once I had a make-up artist do my make-up and I hated it, purely because the eyes weren’t ‘heavy enough.’ If only I’d communicated this when she started!

The Dress

It’s also great if you have an image of your wedding dress so we can work on a wedding make-up look which will compliment your dress.

Second Opinions

I’m sure you didn’t pick your dress all by yourself, maybe your mum or your bridesmaid helped to pick the perfect dress? Do the same with your wedding make-up trial, bring someone along who’ll give you an honest opinion.

Be Honest

If you’re not happy, please just say. I wouldn’t be offended, my main aim is making you happy – so please let me know.

That Night

You’ve had your wedding make-up done, so go out and show everyone how great you look!

You trial is exactly that, a trial. We might have a quick chat and get the perfect results instantly, or it may take some time for me to understand your exact ideas and we try a few different looks. Rest assured, at the end of the trial I will create a look that will make you feel fantastic.

To discuss your wedding make-up or to book a wedding make-up trial, please give me a call on 0798 089 4825 or email